63% of employees felt diesngaged


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43% of employees changed, or planned to change jobs in less than a year



33% of employees leave in less than 90 days



Something is broken in today’s workplace.

Low engagement, high attrition — this is because business leaders often make bad people decisions based on anecdotes and biases, rather than complete and trusted data.


69% of businesses say they are planning to invest in people analytics

However, there are many roadblocks for the average company to do this.

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Data is not in one place

For most companies, HR data is scattered across multiple systems, or on spreadsheets. The average company has 7 different hr tools: HRIS, recruitment, performance management and more.

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 Limited budget and resources

Business Analytics systems are too expensive, and in house-tools can be difficult for managers and business leaders to fully utilise.

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Lack of Expertise

Most companies don’t have a team of analysts focused on understanding their people data.

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