Accelerate Remote Sales Productivity with Relational Analytics

The best sales teams focus on building effective relationships.

Panalyt helps you close more deals by uncovering hidden patterns in your sales team’s customer and intra-company networks enabling you to identify points of intervention and coaching.

Measure effective customer relationships

Analyze the strength of your sales reps

relationships with prospect organizations, 

compared against previously won deals. 

Accelerate sales rep onboarding

Ensure internal alignment to deal progression

See how your sales reps are communicating with your internal teams like marketing, development and customer success

Identify individual areas of improvement

Help your new hires build the necessary internal and external relationships required to be successfully closing deals

Compare the networks of individual sales reps against high performers to deliver targeted coaching  

Forecast accurately based on customer responsiveness

Trusted Globally by Leading Teams

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Driving Sales Productivity with Relational Analytics

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Real-time insights into customer relationships

Assess deal progression and expected customer behaviour by analyzing the progress of communication and the strength of relationship with sales contacts

Visibility into Relationship Strength with sales opportunities

Understand if your sales reps have the required breadth of stakeholder connections to drive decisions within your customer’s organization

Assess Relationship Strength with Key Stakeholders

Deep dive into an individual customer to identify gaps in decision maker, economic buyer and influencer stakeholder coverage

A Holistic View of Your Sales Team’s Internal and External Relationships

Leverage your sales teams’ internal and external networks to identify hidden communications to key customer opportunities in order to improve coverage and mitigate commercial risk

Accelerate Sales Onboarding

Drive transparent and informed sales rep onboarding by automatically highlight the strongest relationships of the departed sales rep. The sales leader coaches the new rep on the network he or she needs to immediately nurture ensuring faster and more effective onboarding.

Mitigate Burnout Risk

Visibility into after-hour work patterns and collaboration overload for your sales reps to reduce the likelihood of burnouts. Identify wasted time spent in ineffective meetings to coach optimized allocation of time.

Seamlessly connects to all your Sales Productivity & HR systems and spreadsheets