How much does Panalyt cost?

Our pricing is done in simple tiers based on the number of employees and users. Please contact us for a quick quote.

Do we have to pay for more DATA TYPES OR SOURCES?

No, we don't change our pricing based on the different data you want to include in the Panalyt tool. We want all people managers to make the best data-driven people decisions, based on all of the available data, so we don’t want any limit on the data you can use. Panalyt is here to help you grow.

Are there any extra charges?

Our standard product does everything that most companies need, including building 2 custom dashboards per year. We have some add-on features such as access to some levels of market benchmarking and of course creating further custom dashboards and levels of custom analysis and consulting to meet your specific needs. We can walk you through these options when we talk to you.

Can I buy additional training?

We truly believe that your success is our success, so all training is free for our customers. If you need any additional help with something, your Account Manager will be there to provide it.

Will PANALYT integrate with ALL my HR software?

Seamless integrations are at the heart of what Panalyt does. If we don’t already have an integration built for your software, we can build one for you.

We're committed to helping you eliminate data waste and let people analytics inform your decisions.