We partner with other innovative B2B SaaS companies to build an ecosytem of connected business applications to ensure the best business results for our clients. 

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Spenmo/ Expense Management

Spenmo is a B2B spend-management platform with physical and virtual card offerings. We aim to digitise company spending and help companies eliminate fraud and overspending.

Panalyt users can present the promo code PANALYT25 to Spenmo in an email where they will extend a 3-month free trial and 25% off our subscription fees thereafter. 



Talenox is a cloud-based HR software designed to manage payroll and leave, and store precious employee details from a central location.

Panalyt users can input "PANALYT100" into the Promo Code field to get a $100 worth of Talenox credits that can be used to pay for their monthly subscription when their 30-day trial ends. 

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It isn't Panalyt.

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