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Panalyt empowers you to drive Remote Employee Productivity, Innovation and Wellness by providing actionable employee insights across your integrated people, productivity and digital collaboration data. 

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Drive Innovation and Productivity with ONA

Efficient Communications and Collaboration patterns are the tell-all sign of a healthy organization, while inefficient collaboration can be the biggest bottleneck for business success. 

With Panalyt ONA, you can identify and understand these patterns to optimize the employee experience and drive successful change & innovation initiatives across your organization.

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Combine relational network insights with employee insights across the employee lifecycle to get a holistic view of your employee experience. 

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Along with our pre-defined insights, we also allow your internal People Analytics and BI teams to access our integrated people data warehouse in your tool of choice. 

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ONA is a great addition to your people analytics toolbox. 

We created resources to help you get the best out of it.

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We've conducted several webinars on ONA focusing on Employee Engagement, Productivity, Burnout and Innovation/ Change Management. Visit our learning hub to access all recordings and slides!

How Panalyt Enabled data-driven HR

Panalyt allows HR and business leadership to have equal access to real-time data and analysis. It makes people discussions data-driven and forward looking, rather than focused on backward-looking reporting.

Shishir Bharti

Head of People, aCommerce

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