If you aren't using all the available people data, it isn't People Analytics.

It isn't Panalyt.

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Panalyt is a

All your data in one place

Confidently integrate your data 
to make better people and business decisions.

Data made easy.

Your data is inaccessible and incomprehensible

Warehousing & Transformation

Panalyt's data pipelines routinely integrate all your people data into a highly scalable and secure data warehouse built for advanced people analytics. Easily connect it to your preferred BI tool so your data science teams can focus on finding insights and solving business problems.


Let Panalyt Connect become your BI team's best asset. 


Panalyt's design-led data visualisations will integrate, sort and illustrate your people data, making it more meaningful than ever before. 

Benchmarking & Machine Learning

Gain real time access to powerful insights from the Panalyt Data Universe. Our highly secure anonymisation tool gives you the power to compare and analyse your company ... in-depth industry trends you could not find anywhere else.

Easily Integrated With

There is an ever-growing number of apps and tools, creating more and more data silos. We integrate and transform data from our ever-growing list of connectors:

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Panalyt is built on the Google Cloud Engine and uses Google Big Query, enabling you to extract actionable insights or extract your raw data.


All the power and flexibility of Google's innovative tools, at your service. 

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