Something is broken in today’s workplace

of employees are disengaged - 71% for 'Millennials'



changed jobs in the past year or planned to do so in the next year



of new hires leave in 90 days, most citing culture and work content



Employees, managers and leaders all want to have a better experience of work - work that is fulfilling, environments that are respectful and supportive but also fun and engaging, and experiences that are positive and uplifting. But often the decisions that shape the way we work, and drive our experiences are made by managers under pressure to decide quickly and in the absence of good data or advice. They have to rely on anecdotes, their own experiences and prejudices and they often get it wrong.

We aim to be part of the solution

In our over 35 years of international HR experience at world-class companies and ultra-high-growth start-ups, including Google, Morgan Stanley, Apple, Uber, and Alibaba, we have seen one consistent pain-point for both HR and business leadership: access to meaningful People data, analytics and insights.

We have built and rebuilt in-house tools for putting practical data and analysis in the hands of managers, to support better people decisions. But we know that not every company has these resources, so we decided to build a tool we could bring to any size company, at any stage of their development; an easy-to-use engine that integrates data from any source, generates insights, provides both internal and industry benchmarks, and puts the resulting dashboards directly into the hands of managers. So, we built, tested and rebuilt these concepts and tools at leading companies across the tech, finance and e-commerce industries.

The result is Panalyt.

Better data, better People decisions,
a better employee Experience

If you aren't using all the available people data, it isn't People Analytics.

It isn't Panalyt.

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