If you aren't using all the available people data, it isn't People Analytics.

It isn't Panalyt.

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Panalyt is a


Along with innovative analytics and data integration, Panalyt connects you to a vibrant HR ecosystem. We are constantly expanding our APIs with leading HR systems and other sources of key employee performance and engagement data.


Our simple data-mapping tool makes loading and connecting to any CSV or excel file quick and easy.  With just a simple drag-and-drop interface, you are synced with the rest of your HR software networks and a wealth of online data - easy, fuss-free, and convenient! 


Make your employee data work for you by connecting it with multiple other sources. These dynamic, cloud-based HRIS are quick and easy to set up, and cover all the essentials.  Easily sync your account to Panalyt to see your combined data in real time.

Leverage the data from leading ATS tools identify the links between your top performers and the great interviewers and recruiters who brought them into your organisation.

Talent, Performance & Feedback

How well connected are your teams? Sync the macro data of your communication tools to our Panalyt Data Universe to gain clear insights into the behaviour and engagement of top performers.