Implementation & Support

How do we get started with Panalyt?

With a user-friendly interface, tailored dashboards and the ability to customise your employee populations, Panalyt delivers maximum data analysis with minimum frustration. You can unlock data that drives decisions in as little as one day in three simple steps:

1)    Uploading is easy. Connect to your HR data systems, communication tools, applicant tracking systems, and more to build a complete universe of your people data. Panalyt supports manual Excel and CSV file uploads and there are dozens of pre-built API connections for seamless data integration.

2)    Meaningful Data Analysis. Choose the perfect dashboard to fit your needs and easily select specific populations and data sets to best understand your unique business. Turn basic staff data, hiring metrics, performance results, macro email and chat data, financials, and more into actionable insights. Panalyt will show you real-time benchmarks and forecast trends for an informed look at the present and the future.

3)    Share Discoveries. Easily share your findings within Panalyt and set up automated reports for yourself, team members and decision makers.  Reach a broad audience by exporting powerful visuals of key data for presentations and other communications.



Panalyt is a unique workforce analytics solution because it’s not just for HR. Team leaders, senior managers and C-level executives can all easily navigate Panalyt's intuitive dashboards to gain valuable insights into the health of the organization and make informed people decisions that optimize efficiency and performance. 

If you are trying to illustrate a particular issue or idea, you can easily customise a specific view of the data in any dashboard and share that exact view with anyone else in the organisation. Panalyt helps everyone succeed in their role and changes the way that data influences decisions.

What kind of support does PANALYT provide?

At Panalyt we are focused on our clients' success. All Panalyt clients have direct access to a client success manager, as well as 24 hour access to our online help center at

How much does it cost?

Our support is always completely free. Your Client Success manager will be there to walk you through implementation, how to get the most from Panalyt and explain new features and updates.