Drive Improved Business and Employee Outcomes By Leveraging Your Organization's Social Capital 

Panalyt empowers you to drive Remote Employee Productivity, Innovation and Wellness by providing actionable employee insights across your integrated people, productivity and digital collaboration data. 

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We've conducted several webinars on ONA focusing on Employee Engagement, Productivity, Burnout and Innovation/ Change Management. Visit our learning hub to access all recordings and slides!

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Drive Business Performance with Relational Analytics

Panalyt provides a lens into how work really gets done at your organization by mining behavioural insights from internal and external employee communication and collaboration metadata.


These behavioural patterns are then presented in clear intuitive dashboards and reports for business leaders, co-related with desired business outcomes like increased productivity and innovation, higher engagement and wellness, reduced attrition and so on, to enable you to nudge your employees to adopt desired behaviours to help them succeed in their roles.

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How Panalyt Enabled data-driven HR

Panalyt allows HR and business leadership to have equal access to real-time data and analysis. It makes people discussions data-driven and forward looking, rather than focused on backward-looking reporting.

Shishir Bharti

Head of People, aCommerce

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