Accelerated People Analytics Infrastructure Transformations At a Fraction Of The Cost and Time To Build In-House 

We build and maintain data pipelines to routinely ingest all your people data into a highly scalable and secure integrated people data warehouse built for advanced People Analytics that connects to your preferred BI tool so your people analytics team can focus on finding insights and solving business problems. 

Your People Analytics Team Shouldn't Be Spending The Majority Of Their Time NOT Finding Insights

Most People Analytics teams need to spend 60-90% of their time building, cleaning and maintaining data pipelines. With Panalyt Connect, your team can now focus 100% of their time on finding and interpreting key talent trends and insights across the employee lifecycle while we automate your routine tasks. 


"Panalyt’s ability to quickly integrate dozens of client source systems via APIs is like nothing I’ve encountered. "

Ben Ogorek 

Ogorek Data Sciences

Former Google People Analytics Manager

Panalyt Connect is built on the highly scalable and secure Google Cloud Platform and uses Google Big Query, enabling you to easily access your integrated people data and extract actionable insights. 

How It Works

Panalyt Connect Automates Data ETL and Integration for  People Data Scattered Across Your Disparate HR Systems



Panalyt Connect transforms your integrated people data into data models optimized for People Analytics, including Relational Analytics, Attrition Predictions, Compa Ratio, Recruitment Outcomes, etc. along with Internal Benchmarks

Daily Versioning allows you to access and analyze snapshots of your data at any point of time, in your BI tool of choice.


Want To Accelerate Your People Analytics Transformation?

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