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Pull people-enhanced data from across systems, integrate it, and display in clear, intuitive dashboards, reports and presentations resulting in reduced attrition, optimized recruitment, higher engagement and improved team performance

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Panalyt answers the questions you should be asking

All your HR data in one place, including internal networks correlated to business outcomes like sales performance

HR business impact to optimize business planning, strategy and execution

Use benchmarks to understand how managers are performing relative to their peers, and make insightful decisions

Predictive analytics moves the business from reactive, to proactive, identifying correlations and points of intervention.

Easy-to-understand and actionable data to guide your decisions

Manager access to data with built-in perspective

Enable data-driven decision making, eliminating bias and improving engagement

Get Actionable Insights across your HR and Productivity systems

Panalyt integrates and analyzes people data across all your disparate HR and productivity systems and files to provide actionable insights to help you drive business performance through strategic people decisions

Combine and analyze data from anywhere

Connects to external systems with ease

Leverage Panalyt's analytics-ready unified employee data platform to empower your BI teams

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