Goodbye Bias,

Hello Data-Driven People Decisions

Leverage integrated, people-enhanced data, pulled for you from all of your systems, and displayed in clear, intuitive dashboards, reports and presentations. Reduce attrition, optimize recruitment, drive higher engagement, and improve team performance. Kickstart your People Analytics transformation within two weeks of implementing Panalyt. 

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Enabling Data-Driven HR Decisions For Everyone

Panalyt bridges the People-Data Gap, enabling real-time, uniform access to relevant people data, reports and insights for CxOs, HR and business managers.

People data, including employee interactions and connections is combined with business data, catalyzing new insights and intelligence.

Predictive analytics moves the business from reactive to proactive, identifying correlations and points of intervention.

Panalyt People Analytics Across Employee Lifecycle

The People Enhanced Data movement empowers businesses to leapfrog to data-driven HR decision making, eliminating bias and improving engagement, sales effectiveness, productivity and, as a result, business performance.

Actionable Insights Across The Employee Lifecycle 

Need Help Justifying Your People Analytics Investment? 

Progressive HR leaders (like you!) need a little help to build a business case justifying investing in People Analytics to your Board.


We’ve created a simple, easy-to-use People Analytics ROI calculator based on publicly available benchmarks just for you!

Panalyt HR Partners

“Panalyt is the only multi-source analytics platform in our study that also offers ONA to analyze digital collaboration and communication based on passive data.

The company further integrates sales and business data, allowing line managers to identify and focus on areas critical to them.”

Panalyt redthread research report 2020

RedThread Research's People Analytics Tech 2020 Report

"Panalyt brings together classic HR data from the variety of systems traditionally used at organizations, with relational data from collaboration tools and business data."

David Green

Leading Global Analyst and Speaker on People Analytics and HR Digital Experience

"Panalyt can help you identify experts, knowledge networks, and team dynamics. Studies can show that span of control, management empowerment, and other managerial strategies have direct impact on business results - once you see what's going on."

Josh Bersin

Principal & Founder
Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLC

Seamlessly Integrates with your Existing HR Systems & Files

Panalyt People Analytics People Data Integration HR Data Integration HR Analytics HR Reporting

Eliminate Bias & Gut-Feel from Your People Decisions

All your HR data in one place, including internal networks correlated to business outcomes like sales performance

Easy-to-understand and actionable insights across the employee lifecycle to guide your people decisions

Manager access to data with built-in user permissions and data confidentiality settings

Panalyt People Analytics HR Analytics People Data Reporting HR Data Reporting HR Reporting
Panalyt People Analytics HR Analytics People Data Reporting HR Data Reporting HR Reporting

Predictive analytics moves the business from reactive,  to proactive, identifying correlations and points of intervention

HR business impact to optimize business planning, strategy and execution

Use benchmarks to understand how managers are performing relative to their peers, and make insightful decisions

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Want To Accelerate Your People Analytics Transformation?

Accelerate Your People Analytics Transformation with Panalyt
Panalyt Bridging The People Data Gap

Enabling data-driven HR decisions for everyone

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